Dr. J Roy Morrison
An Effective 21st Century Ministry Leader
Words From Our Pastor

Whether you are an internet surfer who just happened upon our website or you came specifically to learn more about the Mount Pleasant Church of Orlando we are glad you stopped by.

It is our sincerest hope that your viewing experience will be an insightful one as you learn about the Christ-centered focus of our congregation, and of our aim to execute a 21st Century global ministry.

Through the preaching and teaching of God’s Holy Scriptures, the opportunities to serve in 48 active ministries, and through both receiving and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, the Mount Pleasant Church family is totally committed to being the Church that God has called us to be. Because of Christ’s personal mandate to His Church, we remain dedicated to developing in every believer an intimate, individual and inspired relationship with God that results in strengthening the body of Christ, and expanding the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our constant goal is to make you feel welcomed and loved, while providing an atmosphere of abiding peace where praise and worship are executed in the Spirit of excellence. Our genuine hope is that your experience at the “Pleasant Place” will stir within you the strong desire to; learn more about Him, in order to live like Him, and love like Him.

So then, wherever you are and whomever you may be, there is room for you here at Mount Pleasant Church of Orlando! We remain a 21st Century Church, serving the 21st Century Man, with effective 21st Century Ministry that leads humanity to the Saviour.

Thanks for your interest and please visit us soon!


Dr. J Roy Morrison,
Lead Pastor

Join us at The Mount

We implore you to choose, engage and through the practice of knowing Jesus’ voice, watch your life improve in every area – because of our obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.