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It’s clear, and observed, that through Bible Study we recognize the mission of Jesus Christ and His ministry, as He shared and taught disciples on the things concerning God. Herein, we at Mt. Pleasant will fulfill the guidance of Christ, and through His example and Apostle Paul, by offering Christian Education on a number of levels or venues to adhere to his word.


Study with the Pastor as he engages you to move to a higher level in your life, through better understanding of the precepts of God, through providing holistic perspective on the teachings of God.
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Vacation Bible School

Powerful, fun, and motivating participants to enjoy their lives centered around Jesus Christ – offering unique ways to know God’s word while exploring talent, illumination and revelation through God’s Word.
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Bible Academy

Courses designed for individuals desiring excellence in teaching God’s word, using the latest and greatest state-of-the-art in media design and delivery.
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Join The Ministry

We implore you to choose, engage and through the practice of knowing Jesus’ voice, watch your life improve in every area – because of our obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.